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Buckle up and investigate another season of tragic mid-air disasters and unbelievable rescues from across the world. Featuring exclusive interviews with eyewitnesses and detailed reenactments, follows the experts as they determine what went wrong and work to prevent these horrific accidents from happening again.

Lockerbie – 20 Years On loading...
Lockerbie – 20 Years On
It is still regarded as one of the most significant terrorist attacks in history, it devastated a village in Scotland and it captured the attention of the world. It was twenty years ago and we take a look back.
Who Are Air Crash Investigators? loading...
Who Are Air Crash Investigators?
Ever wondered who the people responsible for piecing together the clues left in the wreckage of a plane crash actually are? Read on to find out more about Air Crash Investigators and their important work.
What Is a Black Box? loading...
What Is a Black Box?
Often one of the first pieces of techno-speak that springs to mind when we hear of an aviation disaster is ‘Black Box,’ but how much do you really know about these vital pieces of equipment?
Overcome Your Fear of Flying loading...
Overcome Your Fear of Flying
Statistically, flying is the safest mode of transport there is. For example, in the US alone in 2000 there were 41,800 traffic accident fatalities, compared to just 878 deaths involving commercial aeroplanes.


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